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Be ConservationWise

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About CW

Who are we?

We’re a community working to inspire, inform, and instigate behavioural change, giving everyone realistic alternatives to the environmentally costly decisions we all make.

Most of these changes are simple and truly expose the misconception that in order to be ‘green’ it costs much more money and takes up much more time. We want to empower people to maximise their experiences whilst minimising their impacts.


Alex Sharp

Wannabe AquaMan

Alex is a scientific diver and DM, loves sencha tea, and is constantly searching for veGAINS. Mildly obsessed with tech, gear, and spiced rum. His happiest of places is in, on, or under the briny blue. You’re just as likely to find him cheering on the 49ers as you are to catch him meditating on a lichen-covered log getting in some shinrin-yoku.


Jess Wise

Jungle Nerd

Jess is a conservation biologist with a passion for primates, and a penchant for purchasing house plants. You'll usually see Jess with a camera in hand, which makes getting a photo of her not squinting through a viewfinder almost impossible.

Strengths: see synonyms for ‘fiercely enthusiastic’

Weaknesses: social media, rosemary crackers


CW Placements

For aspiring conservationists

Psst! Hey, you! 

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Where We're Going

Whether it's here, near, or far... we travel regularly and travel responsibly.

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In and around Edinburgh


Scotland and the UK


The big wide world

What We're Buying


What do we spend our limited funds on? (Genuine question...)

#ConsciousConsumerism is the name of the game, less is more and quality trumps quantity ever time!

Over the years we've honed our ability to research and responsibly purchase various bits of kit.

We want to share our honest, unbiased, and unsponsored opinion on what we buy, why we buy it, and what we consider before parting with our money!


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