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What is a CW Placement

A CW Placement is a three to nine month work experience placement at one of our international partner projects.

It is the oppurtunity to get real world - and affordable - conservation experience

whilst making a tangible difference where it really matters. 


Why choose a CW Placement

It's value for money

Gotta get experience to get paid, but gotta pay thousands to get experience, right? Wrong. Our partner projects are real frontline conservation organisations so, yes, you need to cover your costs but we don't want money to be the reason you can't get the experience you need. We believe paying a fair price is, well, fair in exchange for gaining skills and experience, but CW Placements cost less than the average student pays for rent in the UK.

We're a team

We've already found the best projects, and now we'll help you to best prepare for the experience. 

We'll help you plan your trip logistics, provide you with the skills needed to take ownership of your own research project, and offer support while you embark on the biggest adventure of your life!

You'll develop essential skills

Work at an actual project, not a glorified gap-year centre. It will involve long-hours, challenging conditions, and test your passion and resolve. Not only will it build your CV with skills like environmental monitoring, species ID, animal husbandry, and project planning, it will likely change your outlook on life.

We need your help

Your money and your time will make a real difference. You'll be supporting projects that are saving wildlife, saving habitats, and working with local communities. By completing a CW Placement you'll have become an essential part of the team.


Where in the world


Cikananga Wildlife Centre

Java, Indonesia

Cikananga is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of Indonesian wildlife and its habitat. It is an absolutely incredible centre that strives to meet international standards of welfare and research while coping with hundreds of rescued animals on a tight budget. 

A dedicated team are on hand to support government confiscations by treating, rehabilitating, and releasing a huge range of species, but many arrivals are too traumatised or injured to be returned to the wild. A lot of work is done to make these animals’ lives as rich and natural as possible, and student research projects typically focus on behavioural monitoring, improving diets, developing enrichment, and enclosure design.

Cikananga is supported by the Wanicare Foundation, a Dutch NGO set up to specifically assist with operational management and obtaining financial backing. 


Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp

Sabah, Malaysia

Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp (TREC) offers students’ a chance to experience true jungle life.  Located beside the  incredible Kinabatangan River TREC is part of the MESCOT Initiative, an eco-tourism community based cooperative. It is a small  site that is open to the public and is looking to reassess and  focus their environmental strategic plans. 

Making the most  of the camps remote location and surrounding of rare  intact forest, research projects primarily include forest and  lake restoration, and wildlife and environmental monitoring. This is an incredibly biodiverse habitat and the  camp boundary includes an ox-bow lake and pristine  primary forest as well as several grades of modified forest  and river habitats.


How to apply for a

CW Placement


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Toby P

I had such a great time at Cikananga! The team there are amazing, I've never met people so determined and dedicated to conserving wildlife. It was a life changing experience and made me ever more passionate about conservation.


Claudia D

Cikananga gave me the opportunity to learn about conservation in a practical way and develop my own research project.  I developed skills that I would never have learnt by just doing my degree and helped me find my passion: otters! Thank you so much ConservationWise for helping me find the best placement!


Charlie H

My placement at TREC will forever stick in my memory as the most exciting, varied and enjoyable time of my life. I was able to see how conservation works on the front line, learn valuable skills and make friends for life. 


Thanks to Jess and Alex at ConservationWise for making everything possible!


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