A Life on Our Planet - Soundtrack by Steven Price

As it has done for so many people, the Covid lockdowns have meant I’ve been working from home (WFH) since March. It wasn’t a totally new experience for me, I’d often WFH for the odd period here and there, and knew that to be productive and avoid distractions I’d need to put on the headphones and listen to music; it helps me ignore the plethora of noises and distractions, and allows my wee brain to zero in on the task at hand. I tend to go for instrumental music; normally something downtempo (Bonobo), classical (Einaudi), or soundtracks (anything John Williams or Hans Zimmer).

I couldn’t wait to watch Sir David Attenborough’s latest documentary, A Life On Our Planet, when it came out on Netflix last month. The documentary did not disappoint. It was poignant and motivating while explaining the catastrophe our natural world faces if considerable action is not taken. Importantly, it provided hope and a pathway to saving our natural world.

As someone with a keen interest in scientific communication, I found the tone of the score (delivered through a small string ensemble), to be pitched perfectly to underline Sir David’s powerful and emotive ‘witness statement’. The following day whilst WFH, I listened to the soundtrack. It opens with Sir David’s opening message from the documentary, a theme interspersed throughout the soundtrack, with several other tracks featuring Sir David’s impassioned messages from the documentary, which perfectly complements the powerful and emotive score composed by Steven Price.

I listened to the soundtrack on repeat for hours and have since returned to it several times. I thoroughly recommend giving it a listen.

PS. If you like the score, then it is also worth noting that Steven Price composed the soundtrack to the Netflix documentary, ‘Our Planet’, and with each episode getting its own album, there’s hours of large orchestral music to help you through the day.

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