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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I naïvely thought brie and boursin would be the ones I struggled with, it is the common response you get when saying you’re vegan after all, ‘oh but I couldn’t ever give up cheese!’… well to these people I say WHAT ABOUT MILKY ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA, HUH?! Let’s start of by just reminding everyone I (Jess) am not a strict vegan. I am at home, and whenever I can, but if the only option on the menu is some mushroom-filled disgrace I’ll happily turn a vegetarian eye for the short-term. But tea was going to demand making an exception every day and that was way too slippery a slope. For well over a year I went without, perhaps once or twice on my bi-annual trip home to my parents’ house I’d remind myself what I was missing, but that was it. Short bursts of dairy wreak havoc on my skin anyway. I’d accepted an English Breakfast-less future…. until I discovered the magical combination of Oatley Barista and loose-leaf PG tips.

I’d used Oatley Barista in my coffee for a long time (we have a Nespresso milk frother thing) but had never DREAMT of trying it in tea. So many plant-based drinks had been a gross filmy, curdly affair, or at the very least had an oddly flavoured taste, so I had just given up. By this time, we’d also committed to going as plastic-free as possible, and most tea bags have a sneaky plastic film or binding, so I was now facing dilemmas in every element of the brewing process.

Loose leaf PG tips English Breakfast tea does taste as good as, if not better than, the tea bag stuff. And with Oatley Barista I’m back to my three+ a day habitat! We’re all winners here! Alex, who takes his tea black, just sailed through the challenging interim period and looked at me as if to say UH YAH, when I celebrated *my* new discovery… but I’m sharing this one for those who had yet to discover either one of this game-changer pairing (surely it wasn’t just me??)… and hope it encourages others who aren’t sure on cutting back on dairy to give it a whirl.

PS. Alpro has just launched a vegan drink that is apparently ‘exactly like semi-skimmed milk’ – I’ve yet to try it and given Oatley’s recent investment scandal will give it a go, but it sure has a lot to live up to.

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