White Rabbit - Olive and Avocado Cell Renewal Serum

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I do not have a complex skin routine. I’d actually say phrasing it as a ‘routine’ is a bit of a push. I have some stuff that I use most of the time when I’m at home, or when I remember. I have combination skin which at certain times of the month breaks out around my chin and cheek bones. Usually not too badly, but significantly more now we’re wearing face masks all the time. As the weather gets cold (or colder, we are in Scotland), my face can feel really dry and tight especially after a day outdoors hill-walking, or cycling, or paddle boarding across an exposed loch. White Rabbit olive and avocado cell renewal serum is the perfect balance of heavy-duty oily moisturiser and light, easily absorbed goodness (I hate feeling like I have something slathered on my skin). I’d tried this product a few years before and loved it, but the £40 price tag is easily 5x as much as I usually spend on any beauty product. I’d signed up to the mailing list though, enjoying the updates from White Rabbit Founder, Melanie Blane, who started her business in 2014 after facing challenges with her own sensitive skin. All White Rabbit products are vegan, hand-crafted, natural, and 99% of their packaging is plastic free. Based in Scotland, they also offer refill products and discounts if you send back empty containers. Last month I noticed a 20% sale across the site and having just spent a long weekend away in Tracey, our Vauxhall Vivaro campervan, my skin was feeling in need of some TLC. I knew immediately this was the product I wanted to get, and I haven’t been disappointed!

My motto is very much ‘quality over quantity’, ‘long-term investment over cheap mass production’, and I need to remember to include my skin care in this. I take supplements (B12, Vitamins C and D), exercise and eat pretty healthily, so why not give my skin the same care? Did you know, your skin absorbs up to 60% of what your put on it into your blood stream (WR website,2020). YIKES. White Rabbit regularly offer discounts, including 15% off your first order, so make it this month's pay day treat. What are you waiting for – treat your skin, the Planet, and your wallet with this 100% approved CW product.

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